How to decide the color and decor of SPC floor?

Choices on colors and decors of SPC flooring.


When buying the SPC floor, the first thing you are very likely to think about might be the color and decors, and you need know if it matches your room decoration and your furniture placement. And below factors will decide what types of decors of SPC flooring you should go for.

First thing first, follow the clue of the lighting. If your room obtains really good sunlight, you will have a broad range of choices for color of the flooring. But if your room are with less good sunlight condition and relatively small, you are supposed to go with the high glossy floor covering, and avoid the choice of dark color materials.

How the color will have impact on the visual effect of the room. For the warm color flooring, it gives the visual effect of expansion, while the cold colors are considered with the effect of shrink. On the other hand, by choosing the SPC flooring with warm and dark colors, people might feel like the space is decreasing and with much more depression.

For the living room, since it’s for receiving the friends and customers, you are suggested to choose the SPC flooring with natural and soft wood grain, to increase more brightness. Bedroom on the other hand is for resting and relaxing, some warm colors should be used more often on flooring, instead of too strong color.

Finally, let’s talk about the furniture impacts on flooring. When matching with furniture, the flooring color shall be close to them. If paving with the light color flooring, the furniture color shall be light as well.



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