How to decrease the loss of flooring while the pavement?

Solutions to the loss of flooring during the Pavement.


It would be the perfect situation that material is just enough during the decoratiob process, but it’s basically not possible to avoid the loss of decoration material like flooring, therefore we have to consider the extra quantity when purchasing. Regarding the flooring covering like SPC, usually the total quantity should be exceeding 5% of the total area of the floor space, and the exceeding part is for the wastage.

Even for the most experienced decorators, they are not able to guarantee the quantity of the SPC floor is just as much as the area of the floor space, because there are some floors will be cut out and cannot be used.

So how are we able to decrease the loss of those SPC flooring? Please check as below:

1st. The common paving method are one-half paving method, one-third paving method and circulation paving method. The strength of one-half paving method is that you can obtain the most visual effect after installation, which is neat and with symmetrical effect, except it is generate the most wastage.

The one-third paving method isn’t so good on symmetry, while it follows a pattern when paving and it cause less loss than the one-half paving method. For the circulation paving method, the process starts from the wall and follow the trace of the ground.It is random and cause the least loss, but it has the worst visual beauty.

Every one can decide how to pave your SPC floor based on your actual requirements.

2nd. Choosing the floor size according to the House size, and usually the more matchable between the 2 of them, the least loss of flooring will be. For the big size SPC floor, it is less felxible than the small size SPC floor.



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