What are the major applications for SPC floor?

The Primary application of SPC floor/Rigid Vinyl floor


SPC floor/Rigid Vinyl floor falls into the category of Eco friendly, stable,flame retardant, moisture resistant, water resistant and easy&no glue installation, etc.So what are the primary applications for this floor covering?

1st. Home. SPC floor is perfect for residential area, with many trending decors to choose

2nd.Office buildings. SPC floor also meet the requirements of office spaces, due to its fast paving and sound absorption.

3rd.Gym. SPC floor is considered as the choice for premium area like gymnastic center, and also recommended for its super abrasion resistance that up to 10,000 rpm.

4th.Shools&education orgnization. SPC floor be chosen by those schools, because it is believed to be super eco friendly SPC floor, fully protective to teachers and students, since it’s formaldehyde free and odourless.



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