What contribute to the waterproof feature of SPC flooring?

Find out the truth about Waterproof features of SPC flooring


Regarding the maintenance of SPC flooring, 2 things shall be firstly considered, waterproof and cleaning.

1.SPC can be put into water for a long time, because of below:
1st.The main ingredients are limestone and resin, which are practically insoluble, and the same thing for the PVC wear layer.
2nd.The UV coating on the surface is extremely glossy, which leads to the easy cleaning and drying when contacting water and other liquid.
3rd.SPC floor is extruded one time under high temperature up to 200℃, and it doesn’t contain any glue while all the layers are perfectly combined, even being soaked totally by water, the features remain the same.
2. The second reason is the Unilin click system. By connecting freely between the 2 planks,it’s basically seamless, which protects the flooring from moisture and water. By putting some water on the click part between the 2 planks, while placing the tissue under the 2 planks, you will be positive about the waterproof feature of the SPC flooring.
3. The easy cleaning features of SPC flooring
Due to the strong UV coating on the surface of SPC flooring, it is considered as antifouling covering(to milk, oil,sauce and corrosive liquid, etc.), plus the wear layer ensures the anti-scratch feature during the sweeping process.

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