Purchasing tips for SPC flooring


SPC flooring/Rigid Vinyl flooring is made of new type of polymer material that are popular these years due to its eco-friendly nature. Its strengths include zero formaldehyde, fire resistance and mould proof. There are various of brands, so how can we choose the best quality SPC flooring on the market?

First, Pay attention to the colors of the SPC core. The pure material is with beige color, and less good virgin material are gray and cyan color. While for the recycled material, they usually come out with gray-black color or even pure black color.

2nd.The sense of touch. The SPC core made of Virgin material, gives you the feeling of fine&smooth and wetness. While the recycled material is another case since they are pretty dry. After splicing two planks, the flatness of them can be checked, which tells if they are qualified SPC flooring.

3rd.Odor:A few recycled material gives out extremely unpleasant odors, while most of these material are odorless.

4th.Light transmittance. Put the flashlight towards the SPC floor, if it is with good light transmittance, then this is consider as Virgin material SPC floor. For the SPC core made of recycled material, it is non-transparent or with very poor light transmittance.

5th. Water dropping test. Check the leaking condition of the SPC floor, by putting water drops on the joint of the lock, meanwhile test the anti-slip performance of the SPC floor.



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