What plans shall be selected when installing SPC flooring?

Best solutions of SPC floor for different applications


When choosing and installing the SPC, you will go for different plans based on actual applications, and below are those factors you need to consider.

First thing first, thickness matters.

Low cost option:

For our SPC floor of 3.5mm, the wear layer of 0.2mm&0.3mm is totally enough for residential area.

Classic Plan:

If going for the 4.0mm SPC, 0.3mm and 0.5 are both okay, and 0.5mm wear layer is specially for the commercial area.

Premium Plan:

Let’s say you have good budgets for SPC and decide to install them in some high end applications, just turn to the 4.5or 5.0mm SPC, and take the IXPE back pad as well. IXPE helps reducing the noises, for instance the situation of walking with high heels or items dropping down the floor, IXPE pad can deliver the better experience.

The 2nd factor you shall consider are the Color&Pattern

For the residential area,SPC floor with warm&light color will be the great option, including color of brown, red, light gray and white, as they are delivering warm&comfortable feeling, and people feels like brighter and wider.

Speaking of the commercial area like offices, you should consider the clean&organized environment first to obtain high efficiency, therefore SPC floor with cool tone and dark color will be more preferred.

When it comes to public and entertaining places, why not give it a try on SPC floor with carpet decor? These places are airport, bookstores and hotels, which could really use the benefit of multiple colors from carpet decors, which offers you much relaxation. To have a better and luxury experience, IXPE Pad is even more recommended.



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